Executive Administrative Team Coaching

The single most underutilized resource in a company is the Executive Assistant. Specifically, the Executive Assistant TEAM. A great Assistant on their own is only a fraction as effective as a team of engaged, aligned Assistants working toward the same objective with the same level of accountability. Often Assistants work in silos delineated by the specific needs of their Execs. This can manifest feelings of isolation, stress, or having no recourse or assistance of their own whenever they feel overwhelmed. It zaps productivity. Mistakes happen. And burnout ensues.

Sometimes there are huge disparities in work ethic and expectation between Assistants which can manifest in competition, sabotage or "hiding" by producing just enough to stay under the radar and no more. For an Assistant who is crushing it yet is measured and compensated by the same metrics as a flagging Assistant, this can lead to the type of unhappiness that permeates a team and causes unnecessary division or attrition. 

I bring unparalleled experience and a unique coaching style to companies specifically to set a new performance bar and expectation. By bringing Assistants together around the same mindset, allowing them to talk out any grievances and misperceptions, then giving them the tools to take command of their roles, creates a new level accountability not only to themselves but to the Assistant team. Teams create a new cohesion and confidence knowing that they're all working with the same goal in mind: EXCELLENCE. At all times. Working together they become an omniscient and highly effective force for their Execs and the company. 

Companies with strong Administrative teams see less company-wide attrition, healthy employee morale, and Execs that feel more comprehensively supported who are apt to entrust their Assistants with more significant projects and responsibilities. As such, Assistants are more engaged, proactive, and productive as they feel the positive support of their peers as well as the that of their Execs, with work and a team dynamic that's exciting to return to each day. 

TRIBE U Onsite is the perfect solution for creating a team of hyper focused, cohesive, effective Assistants who have the same performance bar established and agreed upon. They hold one another accountable and help one another maintain and achieve excellence every day. The class can be tailored to specific objectives or to address specific issues, but is centered around personal accountability and performing to a new standard agreed upon by everyone in the room.

If you're interested in bringing TRIBE U onsite, please use the CONTACT page to inquire.