“There's not a single, other person in the building with as much aggregate responsibility. This includes the CEO.”




I've supported some of the nation's top, billionaire CEOs and exec teams in Tech, Retail and Banking for over 20 years. I have helped my execs achieve far beyond their own expectations and create multi-billion dollar companies with happy employees and little-to-no attrition. I've watched like a hawk and learned everything I need to know about building a winner. I've taken all of that knowledge and created MEGA Assistant University, a revolutionary skills and mindset “boot camp” for Executive Assistants who want to level up quickly and begin forging a mutually successful business partnership with their executives and teams. MEGA Assistant University alums obliterate antiquated perceptions of the role by consistently producing at Executive level and becoming key contributors to the Executive Leadership Team.

MEGA Assistant University is an intense, gloves-off, 1- or 2-day meet-up of highly competent Executive Assistants who come together with the intent of owning their career trajectories and truly claiming a seat at the table. We not only focus on skills and acumen, we focus on creating the mindset and routines of a MEGA. This is the most critical component of moving from "support staff" to "contributor" in the eyes of the execs and teams we support.

Within small, curated groups of applicants I assess current skill level, passion for the role, share best practices and build an action plan to get you where you want to be in the shortest time possible. Sessions are intense. Sometimes tears are shed. But Assistants leave with a renewed sense of purpose, heightened energy and focus, and armed with a game plan that yields immediate results.

Class size is limited to 14 participants (with some exceptions).

Registration fee is $250 per student for 1-day sessions and $450 per student for 2-day sessions. Each session starts promptly at 9am and ends at 5pm. Onsite sessions at companies for administrative teams are available upon request. Registrants will also receive a complementary SKYPE/Facetime session after MEGA U to course correct or for further assistance with their action plans.

MEGA Assistant University qualifies as continuing education for most companies and is typically reimbursed via their company’s Continuing Education budget. All required paperwork will be provided to the registrant to forward for reimbursement where applicable.

For years we've endured misogyny, condescension, and disrespect by the very people we support. And, frankly, we've allowed it. We've allowed others to assign a value of our worth to the company based on antiquated notions, assumptions and Hollywood's inaccurate portrayals. As a 25-year veteran in this role...a Black, gay man, no less...my mission is to obliterate every one of these myths by imparting all of the knowledge and experience I've amassed over two decades to highly competent, advanced degreed, hungry, passionate administrative professionals (and a few CEOs) who are ready to create some new rules and new assumptions based in fact vs. folklore.

MEGA Assistant University is designed to create Assistants who come prepared to win. Their skills and competencies span every aspect of business and beyond, allowing them to handle virtually any task efficiently and adeptly. Companies that hire MEGA Assistants see immediate benefits to their bottom line. One MEGA is generally equivalent to three support staff positions, thus eliminating redundancies and providing savings in both salary and headcount. MEGAs don't come cheaply, but the savings over time far outweigh the initial sticker shock. 


Get to Class!

Join us. Sessions take place across the United States as well as a the UK. If you're looking to break your routine and own the trajectory of your career, then join a growing group of MEGAs who are changing the game while building a robust network of unparalleled support and opportunities around the globe.