the mission

Unapologetic Evolution of the Executive Assistant Role.

MEGA University is a revolutionary skills and mindset “boot camp” focused on preparing and empowering Assistants to shirk the title and become true, Strategic Business Partners to the executives they support. The role of Assistant has evolved far beyond the confines of the title, so the title is officially obsolete. This workshop is a radical departure from the low ROI “sit, take notes, and network” conferences Assistants typically attend. This is a tightly curated, discussion-based, highly participatory meeting-of-the-minds with 14-20 top Assistants at a table of their peers. Together, they learn the most successful partnership strategies, business acumen, and insider tips + tricks needed to build a new, highly effective, working relationship with their executives and partner more as a peer vs. “the help.”

Attendees of MEGA U leave with the confidence to rewrite their job descriptions and forge a highly inclusive and effective new partnership with their supervisors. Assistants at this level already have insane skill sets. What they often lack is the confidence and strategy needed to simply ask for what they want, fearlessly. With coaching from a career, Top 1% C-suite Executive Assistant, peer support from a global network of MEGA U alums, and a skillfully crafted game plan, students consistently achieve far beyond the goals they'd originally set for themselves. More respect. Higher compensation. True indispensability as a business partner.