Why not just START OVER.

We get so stuck in these patterns of self-neglect, over-indulgence, obsession, tunnel vision, misdirected ambition, fame chasing...that we eventually lose ourselves in the pursuit. We no longer know who we are and often don't like the person we've become. But for some reason we feel that it will magically right itself and we'll find ourselves when time determines "it's time."

Why not just START OVER?

Life is an incredible gift that most of us take for granted. Each new day, when you're stuck, feels like just another day to try and get through unscathed and with as little collateral damage as possible. But it's so much more than that. It's an opportunity to start fresh with a different attitude and a different perspective. It's an opportunity to say NO and walk away from an abusive relationship or a job you hate or a purchase you know will throw you into financial peril. It's an opportunity to seek help from people who have been there and can help you recreate and fortify the person you've become.

So, why not just START OVER?

Life has no playbook. Did you know that? Life is ever-changing and wonderfully fluid, fraught with opportunity. We're the ones who place constraints like expectation and greed and class and politics onto ourselves and one another in order to fit into a system that assigns value. But the question is, "What do you life?" Is it that which you own? Or is it that in which you believe?

I believe in starting over. Sometimes when you're so far down a road and everyone knows your name and attaches a certain expectation of you to it, you likely feel forced to live up to that expectation, though your heart is screaming in pain, because that person is not the TRUE YOU. Sometimes we make mistakes or get overly ambitious or get in with the wrong crowd, but because of expectation and a bit of weakness, we continue to sabotage who we are in order to live up to the expectation appended to us. If within your own life you feel there's no escape, nothing good comes from this. In fact, it pretty much always ends in disaster.


It's not as difficult as you think. You want a different life? Create it and do it with certainty, passion and commitment. Sell your shit. Unfriend 60% of your Facebook "friends." Chop your hair off or die it multiple colors. Quit your job that day and figure it the F out. Always remember this phrase, "Life never gives you more than you can handle." Otherwise, you'd be dead. Think about it.


Get to know yourself again. Get really clear on what makes YOU happy, not everyone around you. Give up everything that doesn't fit in the life you know will make you happy. Just let it go. It's a bravery that most will never achieve, but the ones who do will transcend and be free. They will live the life they've dreamt of. And even the ones they leave behind will be happier as they'll all be free of the person who wasn't being truthful and living the same lie day after day after day.


Get off the treadmill. Buy a ticket somewhere and just figure it out when you get there. Find some solitude, even for a few days, where nothing matters except the silence, what your eyes take in, the breaths you take that you're now conscious of and the peace of mind that you'll feel and defend until you're ready to go back to civilization. And when you go back, let the changes begin. Start over by doing things differently. Saying NO. Eating healthfully. Selling the expensive car. Downsizing from the 5BR/5BA home. Donating EVERY non-essential thing in your possession. Working smartly instead of 10+ hour days. Hiring professionals to help you stay on track. Picking up that dusty guitar and learning how to play it in the ME time that you will create.


And stop waiting for life to press the reset button for you. It doesn't work that way.



Phoenix NormandComment