16 months ago I realized a dream. To create a traveling workshop specifically for the most passionate EAs on the planet.  To help them grow in position, gain confidence, and command a new level of respect and compensation.

Mission Accomplished.

239 alums. 
$887K+ in raises and bonuses.
36 new jobs.
In 16 months.

MEGA U has now become a new online platform called This. My Tribe. launching in late August. It is a members-only, subscription-based platform exclusively for the passionate ones. Truth is our North Star. And keeping the content private allows people the safe space to tell and seek the truth without fear of judgment or reprisal. Being among your tribe, the people who actually "get it," allows you to ask the crunchy questions, seek advice from those who have already walked the talk, learn the REAL game and master it, and be an active part of a movement that is not only changing this role, but raising the bar for recruiters, execs, and fellow EAs still stuck in the 90's.

This IS my tribe. And the world will soon understand all we're capable of.