The Adventure Begins.

I quit my dumb (but well-paid) job today. I'm a little freaked out, but it's to be expected. I did this once before and it kinda sucked as it was in the middle of the 2008 recession. However, this time I'm less stressed as I'm embarking on the next phase of my life, both personally and professionally. After flirting with it for over 10 years, I've finally decided that, dammit, I AM A DESIGNER. No formal design education. Only the visions that come pouring out of me innately that somehow end up being, well, beautiful. 

After 23 years as a C-suite Executive Assistant, responsible for helping to manifest everyone else's dreams, I decided that I'm worthy of manifesting my own. I have a gift, apparently. My new business partner continues to tell me this almost like a daily affirmation. Like the father I never had. Though, wait...I think I'm older than he is, so...that's weird. Given he's been a designer/manufacturer in the industry for over 25 years, and the fact that he wanted to partner with me, there's clearly something in me he sees as a success-in-the-making. So I'm running with it. Sure, I'll likely be rationing Top Ramen for the next 6 months, but there's something exciting about inciting your survival instinct. It's an instantaneous lesson in fear mitigation and unflagging belief in one's self. I've done this many times before and it's always served me well.

So join me on this fantastic ride. I'll be posting the play-by-play, not as yet another self aggrandizing,  douchebag jerk-off, but more as an opportunity to see how I did it, the steps I took, the mistakes I made and, God willing, the success I achieve once everything falls into place. Hopefully, it will inspire you to quit your dumb job or at least resume your passions alongside your dumb job until your dumb job is no longer relevant. Then, you can sit with me.

I'm Phoenix.

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